Hydrated employees are happy and healthy

Pure tasting water the way nature intended

Gator Vending offers point-of-use water filtration systems that bring delicious, refreshing water to workers in Orlando and Central Florida.

Enjoy great tasting water with no storage or transportation hassles. The Gator Vending bottleless water cooler solution delivers pure tasting water in a sustainable format filtering your existing water for impurities that affect taste and odor.

Counter top or floor models available

Order bottled water by the case

Ensure you have right water options on hand for all corporate occasions with single bottles we can conveniently deliver to your Orlando and Central Florida location.

Nestle natural spring water
Dasani water
Arrowhead water bottles
Aquafina water bottles
Make the water cooler great again with water filtration service from the professionals — Gator Vending at (407) 538-3586 or info@gatorvending.com