Nothing beats fresh food…unless it is also convenient.

More deli-quality food options

Food vending machine professionals servicing businesses in Orlando and Central Florida

There is nothing we like more than when our customers enjoy our food. We make a number of food items daily at our in-house commissary. That means your food vending machine items are fresh and support the local economy. Plus, food vending machines are a fast and delicious way to eat without ever having to leave the location.

Fresh food

Food items are made fresh daily by Orlando and Central Florida workers in our in-house commissary

Customized selections

Personalize the food vending machine offerings at your workplace to better satisfy staff and visitors

Employee benefit

Workers will appreciate the time savings and value of having tasty food options available on-site


Keep employees and visitors fed and ready to work with professional food vending machines

Let us cater your next luncheon

Customize your desired menu, and we will handle the rest, from preparation to delivery.

Don’t waste time and energy on your next corporate lunch. Gator Vending can make it a hassle-free success with a line of delicious lunch items, including sandwiches, salads, fruit, etc.

Experience better vending food

Recipes and dedicated food preparation aimed to feed the workers and visitors of Orlando and Central Florida.

Make quality food refreshment available around the clock with Gator Vending at (407) 538-3586 or