Drive up morale with a better workplace refreshment solution at your Orlando and Central Florida business

Explore micro-markets

Orlando and Central Florida businesses come to Gator Vending for premium micro-market service

  • Hundreds of options available 24 hours

    Leave limitations behind with an open-concept micro-market from Gator Vending. The racks and glass coolers allow a greater number of items to be sold than in vending machines, including more healthy items, while still being available whenever employees need them.

  • Easy to use, secure self-checkout kiosk

    Employees shop the micro-market, looking at the labels and products they want, before scanning each item at the self-checkout kiosk, and selecting their payment choice. It’s a secure flexible solution that provides a higher level of refreshment service.

  • Tailored micro-market refreshment selections

    No two micro-markets are the same, because each is tailored to the location it serves from which beverages are offered to the types of salted snacks. We customize each market and ensure there are plenty of healthy alternatives available as well.

Easy way to boost company morale

Employees appreciate the additional choice offered by micro-markets which reflects positively on the employer.

Kiosk checkout

Employees use the touchscreen self-checkout kiosk to scan and pay anytime they need a refreshment.

Open concept

By using racks and coolers, we are able to offer a greater variety of products than fit in a vending machine.

Woman eating a salad from a micro-market self-service break room

Online management

Each micro-market uses web-based inventory management, so we know when to service it next.

24 hour surveillance

Each micro-market is monitored around the clock by video cameras in case an issue arises.

Hundreds of refreshment options at your fingertips with Gator Vending at (407) 538-3586 or