Better quality coffee and premium tea fuels engagement

Enjoy the ability to choose your perfect cup

The Flavia system offers dozens of specialty drink, coffee, and hot tea options allowing each person to craft the exact hot beverage they want.

Innovative Technology

Using innovative flat pack technology, the Flavia single-cup brewer from Gator Vending offers each user a unique coffee or tea experience. Able to make lattes, herbals teas, coffee, and more, the Flavia offers an unparalleled level of customization and variety.

Premium Quality

Each flat pack is specially designed to ensure premium flavor in a small package. Enjoy the same quality as coffeeshop coffee or tea with sustainable and national coffee brand selections.

Customer Convenience

Enjoy coffee and tea exactly the way you like with a Flavia machine designed for fast, quality brewing of many different varieties. It saves time by being onsite and offers the convenience of specialty hot drinks in the workplace.


Gator Vending is your authorized dealer for the latest single-cup brewing experience — the FLAVIA brewer with drink enhancements and menu options. The Flavia brewer makes it easy to perfect your coffee or tea in a compact, modern unit.

Enhanced LCD menu display for a more intuitive brewing experience
Brews a delicious range of drinks, each in less than a minute
Patented brewing process ensures no cross-over in flavor from one drink to the next
Portable and flexible, with pour-over and plumbed-in options for easy office placement

Gourmet coffee, espresso, hot teas, all crafted just that way you like with sophisticated brewers and the best tea brands.

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